Q.What are the best recommendations for beach stay holiday?

A.The most recommended coastal in Sri Lanka for summer is the East coast & south coast for winter.

Q.What are the general weather conditions in Srilankan beaches?

A.The average humidity level in coastal area is 80-90% & the average temperature would be from 29-35'C.

Q.What are the temperature variations in Srilanka?

A.The temperature variation in Sri Lanka would be 3'C in hill country & the coast would be 35'C.

Q.What are the main religious communities in Srilanka?

A.The main religious communities in Srilanka are Buddhist, Hindus, Christian, and Muslim.

Q.What are the main modes of transportation in Srilanka?

A.The main modes of transportation are by road, train or by air.

Q.What is the average lifetime for a Srilankan?

A.The average lifetime of a Srilankan is 76 years of age.

Q.What is the weather forcast for next few days in Colombo?

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Q.What is the average literacy rate in Srilanka?

A.The average literacy rate is 96.78%.

Q.What is the population in Srilanka?

A.The population in Srilanka is 20.156 Mil.

Q.What is the present exchange rate of Srilankan rupees?

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Q.What is the birth rate in Srilanka?

A.The birth rate in Srilanka is 1.62%.